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long story short: I like seeing the reactions of people
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|| That thing that Happened: TEHz Seqwalz || ok one day i was walking along being awesome until someone didn’t like my awesomeness and released super giant ninja robots to attack me and i used my uber ninja reflexes and kick all their asses and then the world was taken over by the evil people that do stuff, and i had to save the day by using my l33t skillz and then i had to fight through bug giant super ninja robots and i destroyed all of em and then i versed the boss and of coarse i released a can of whoopass on the boss and i killed then boss but then it's army was still after me and then I had to go hardcore on their asses in which i got tired and then my friends came in and we got into an APC with guns everywhere that fired guns that fired lazzzers and drove through the city owning the ninjas then the city was safe and marcus fenix came outta no where and we all got chainsaws and chainsawed all the zombies cause we were unaffected by the disease that turns people into zombies and we chainsawed every zombie to the point that the guts went everywhere and more hordes of zombies came at us and our chainsaws ran outta fuel so we had to use our chuck norris skillz to kick all their undead heads right off their infected spines and then the world was safe once again for another kajillion yearz as we successfully saved the universe and the mayor came out with the key to the city and I got Rec0n armour and all the bitchez, then someone was jelous and sent wave after wave after wave of attack super robots that can shoot beams from their mouths, and tried to destroy my mansion I had to save my lovely ladies so I got my cape and kick the metal outta the robots as beams were shooting everywheres so I did my KAMEHAME HAAAA!!! And killed a kazillion robots with my awesome move, then the boss came and it was a giants robots destroying the city and I kicked it in the balls and the robot exploded destroying the whole city but left my super awesome mansion alive and I gotz flaming crystal armour and more of the bitchezzz. but arliens from outta spaze killd anyting dat went in teh way and day deswroyed teh world den i shot teh arleins in teh face and teh arliens that destroyed teh world was dead and the worldz was safes againzz.
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